Cafe and Resturant

Flavour tea

Existing Cafe & Restaurant carry limited of few Flavour Tea / Coffee in their Menu which need to get prepared either using Cafe Machine for coffee or Traditional method of Boiling - Sieving in case of Tea. Even few carry Vending Machine to serve Tea / Coffee using Powdered Milk.

Few Branded Coffee Vending Machine serve using Tonned Milk - 3 version of Light , Mild & Strong using funny name.

Absolute Vaccum to have Flavours & few if available - it has no NATURAL way. Mix with Chemical based Mocktail type.

Every Cafe & Restaurant have some peak time to serve Hot or Cold Beverage like Tea , Coffee, Shakes etc..etc. Delivery in time be a big concern as well as to maintain quality & on the top of above to claim as NATURAL.

ZINGYSIP offer solution to serve more than 100 varieties in Menu Card with so many Flavours in NATURAL way be it Hot or Cold. Our Instant Flavour Tea / Coffee Powder can be used equally for Hot Serving as well Cold serving with Milk or with Water. Even our soluble Powder being fit for Softy preparation. Add in our Milk Cold Tea / Coffee Natural Ice-cream or Fry Fruits or Chocolate or Fruits to prepare Shakes of varied types with NATURAL tag.

In similar way our Natural Instant Green Tea with various combinations be equally good to serve in 5 seconds with or without Honey. Healthy Drink which is trendy & everyone love to have before or after Food.

ZINGYSIP provide compact solutions also to manage our 50+ varieties to serve in 20 seconds using #


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